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Retirement/Change of Ownership

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May 18, 2017


Dear Client,


I am writing to inform you that I have decided to retire effective this month for personal reasons and have sold our business effective this month. 


Since 2003, our business has been sustained through the loyalty of many of our clients like yourselves, and I have worked hard to ensure that the continuity of our quality and prompt services to you continues with the new owner.  So please be informed that I will be a consultant to the new owner to facilitate the transition of the new ownership and will be available to complete any pending tax matters in your account.   You may continue to contact the office as usual to set up appointments with me.


The new owner is Mr. Evan L. Butcher whom you can be ensured that he is keen in providing the same quality of services that have been delivered to you with no interruption or inconvenience to your business.  The same staff members who have worked with you will remain to be your contact persons and they are looking forward to providing  you with excellent service as usual. 


Please be assured that there are no major changes to the delivery of our services; however, the new owner will be available to any feedback or comments as to how to improve customer value and questions in regards to this change of ownership. 


I lastly wish to thank all my clients including you for your loyalty and continued support of our business.  It was a pleasure serving you and I wish you all many successes in your endeavors.




Santos B. Gutierrez

Tax and Business Consultant